Monday, June 22, 2015

Reflection paper

It has been a semester since I first took the computer assisted language learning (CALL) class. In fact, when I selected courses, I did not want to take this, because it sounded boring since computer class did not interest me very much. Still, I want to make me better than better in English aspect. Nevertheless, looking back at what I have learned from this course over the past half a year, it is difference from impression, and I find that I absorbed some knowledge about computer applied in the field of language learning which I might not be able to discover by myself: blog, online dictionaries, online corpus, Youtube, Google syntax, and my ET. All were new things to me, before this semester, I only used online dictionary and Youtube to learning language. Among them, TED, Podcast and my ET affect and intrigue me a lot.

I want to progress my English, especially, in the listening, pronunciation and speaking, these applications are very useful. TED is a useful website for me, there are kind of speeches and it is very convent because it has Chinese and English subtitles. First, I don’t open the subtitle, and directly watch video. And by this way, I can train my listening. After again and again, I open the English subtitle, through subtitle, I can train my reading. Finally, I open Chinese’. Podcast is a good resource for learning English, because the host uses the simple sentences to explain the words which I don’t understand after listening. This function not only can make better my listening, but also can remember new vocabulary. My ET is a web-based program employing automatic speech analysis system it identify the words spoken into the recording device, and it can analyze the speech on pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis.These applications are in line with my needs and very useful and convenient.

 In this semester, this class let me know that I have more ways to use your computer to learn the language. I will usually use these applications to improve my English.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams

Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams

People want to achieve their dreams, and Bel Pesce talks us about five ways how not to follow our dreams.First, believe in overnight success.In fact, these overnight success stories are always a result of everything that we have strived in our lifeSecond, believe someone else has answers for you.No matter what others give you the answer, you still need to chooses, no one else has the perfect answers for your life. And you need to keep picking those decisions.Third, decide to settle when growth is guaranteed.When our life is going great, we want to take a rest, even begin lazy.We should do better. Fourth, believe the fault is someone else's.If we don't make our dreams happen, it's our faults and no one else's.  Be responsible for your dreams. And one last tip, believe that the only things that matter are the dreams themselves.Life is never about the goals themselves. Life is about the journey.Maybe we have the opportunity to learn more things in the process.So enjoy our journey.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Steve Jobs' speech

It  is different between what I like and what I learn, so I really confuse what I will do in the future. I envy that he can find what he want to do and to do some action like he decided to drop out and dropped in other classes that he thinks  interesting. I adnire for his courage. Although, we don't have to do like him, we wish we can try to find what we love and accomplish."Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice." he said.These sentences inspire to me. I think we have to be brave to follow our heart, do the things what we wnat, and the most important that don't let regret yourself.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Assignment 3

I think Podcast is good resource for learning English, because the host uses the simple sentences to explain the words which I don't understand after listening.This function not only can make better my listening, but also can remember new vocabulary. I think I should be willing to spend the time to use it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Assignment 2

1.commuter:a person who travels into a city to work each day, usually from quite far away.
                      The five o’clock train is always packed with commuters.

2.reinforce:to make a feeling, an idea.
                     The experience reinforced my sense of loss.

3.disruption :a situation in which it is difficult for something to continue in the normal way; the act of
                       stopping something from continuing in the normal way.
                       The strike caused serious disruptions.

4. journal:a newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or profession.
                    the British Medical Journal

5. swap:to give something to somebody and receive something in exchange.
                 I swapped my red scarf for her blue one.


I think that itis a good tool , because the definitions and example sentences they provide are in detail , especially , the Oxford Dictionary , and I think I will use it more often.                           

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Hi~ My  name is Bonnie . And nice to meet guys , I studied International Business Department , I'm going to twenty years old in June , so I have an idea that I travel abroad with my friend and everything is done by ourselves like booking flights , hotels and even planing the trip . Of course these expenses is by myself , consequently I have a part-time job and save the money . I have two dreams , one is that I'm going to travel around the world and the other is five years later I will have one million of deposits . To achieve my dreams ,recently I start to study about financial management and strengthen my language ability . Hope to have fun this semester .