Monday, June 22, 2015

Reflection paper

It has been a semester since I first took the computer assisted language learning (CALL) class. In fact, when I selected courses, I did not want to take this, because it sounded boring since computer class did not interest me very much. Still, I want to make me better than better in English aspect. Nevertheless, looking back at what I have learned from this course over the past half a year, it is difference from impression, and I find that I absorbed some knowledge about computer applied in the field of language learning which I might not be able to discover by myself: blog, online dictionaries, online corpus, Youtube, Google syntax, and my ET. All were new things to me, before this semester, I only used online dictionary and Youtube to learning language. Among them, TED, Podcast and my ET affect and intrigue me a lot.

I want to progress my English, especially, in the listening, pronunciation and speaking, these applications are very useful. TED is a useful website for me, there are kind of speeches and it is very convent because it has Chinese and English subtitles. First, I don’t open the subtitle, and directly watch video. And by this way, I can train my listening. After again and again, I open the English subtitle, through subtitle, I can train my reading. Finally, I open Chinese’. Podcast is a good resource for learning English, because the host uses the simple sentences to explain the words which I don’t understand after listening. This function not only can make better my listening, but also can remember new vocabulary. My ET is a web-based program employing automatic speech analysis system it identify the words spoken into the recording device, and it can analyze the speech on pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis.These applications are in line with my needs and very useful and convenient.

 In this semester, this class let me know that I have more ways to use your computer to learn the language. I will usually use these applications to improve my English.

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