Sunday, March 08, 2015


Hi~ My  name is Bonnie . And nice to meet guys , I studied International Business Department , I'm going to twenty years old in June , so I have an idea that I travel abroad with my friend and everything is done by ourselves like booking flights , hotels and even planing the trip . Of course these expenses is by myself , consequently I have a part-time job and save the money . I have two dreams , one is that I'm going to travel around the world and the other is five years later I will have one million of deposits . To achieve my dreams ,recently I start to study about financial management and strengthen my language ability . Hope to have fun this semester .


  1. Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Stephanie.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Wow...i really like your wonderful post.The simplified self introductions and i just impressed by your dreams,the statements of what you just are.

    Let's me introduce myself in front of you,Bonnie.
    I'm Tiffany Chen and it's so nice to meet you,again

    Interestingly, we both have same goals such as making money and save a greay amout of money in our own deposit individually.

    You are welcome to share/exchange ideas in two way communications since we both majoring in Business.
    I'm so glad to learn that you will be focusing on learning financial management,which is one of the most important learning subjects of self-investments.

    Let’s be good friends from now on,Bonnie!!!

  3. Hello I'm Tini. Nice to meet you.